Pottery Workshop

This is a wonderful class for young artists and adults who seek for something inspiring during weekends. Every Sunday at 10AM, let’s do a fun and imaginative art crafts project with clay. We experiment with many different mediums – paint, clay, glue, beads, tree branches, pins, sparkly jewels and so on. From learning to make a toile teapot to creating your own dishes collections, there are many to explore and create. Paintings, sculpture and crafts are all included in this fun workshop. Come and create a beautiful unicorn, or mold your vase using pottery wheel! Join us for this fun, creative class.

Sunday 10AM, Pottery Workshop, candle holder


Sunday 10AM, Pottery Workshop

Enjoy the moment and be happy


Share and make new friends


Learn new skills


Sunday 10 AM, From My Little Window


Do something new at workshop


Liberate your imagination


Create your own cup


Playing with colors at Pottery Workshop

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